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September 21, 2016
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The Pyramidal Proton Model This site examines the possible nature of the proton. It borrows the concepts of a gravitational flux and a light carrying medium from The author introduces evidence and logic that a proton may be shaped like a pyramid, and what the consequences of that shape are. This viewpoint is not agreed to nor supported by Details are found in the Pyramidal Proton paper. If correct, this analysis has a profound perspective on nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, radioactivity, the formation of elements and isotopes, and the formation of planets and moons. It also predicts a new energy source which would be “unlimited”. Experimental procedure is proposed which would either disprove or support the beginning assumption about the shape of the proton.

In addition, this site examines the source, nature and purpose of the three pyramids at Giza, Egypt. They were not tombs for Egyptian pharaohs but had a far more practical and valuable use. Details are found in the Great Pyramid paper and the 2nd and 3rd Pyramids paper. If this interpretation is correct, it leads to the mechanism by which our civilization can travel throughout the Solar System.

Future work will tie all these separate papers together into a revised view of past human history and our potential future - survival or annihilation.


The Great Pyramid at Giza
The Other Two Pyramids at Giza


From Gravitons to Galaxies (A New View of the Universe)